Just Pure Honey!  Spring, Summer and Fall wildflower honey.  Our deLIGHTful light in color, variety is nectar from Locust & Basswood trees, Clover or Wingstem blossoms. These varieties are not always available throughout the year. Our medium (in color but mild in flavor), honey comes from the nectar of Raspberry, Blackberry and Sumac blossoming mainly in the spring. This is our main honey flow and we usually have it available all year.  Our delicious, rich dark honey comes from the nectar of Poplar (blooms in the spring), Bamboo (Japanese Knotweed) and fall wild flowers including goldenrod and aster. Not all varieties are always available.  Most varieties are from flowers that bloom along the Ohio River Valley and the Appalachian foothills.

    Our honey is raw, never filtered, just strained to retain the its natural qualities. Honey is a versatile sweetener; use in beverages, cereals, breads, sauces or as a topping for ice cream! Free recipes are included with every order. Our honey and all of our food products are now certified kosher by Rabbi Urecki of Charleston, WV. This is an added measure of confidence in the goodness of our products. We now have MINI BEARS (2oz) available for wedding or party favors or as a souvenir. $2.95 each, 6-12 jars $2.75 each, 13-24 jars $2.50 each, 25 or more call us.  Personalized labels available for your special event.

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*Do not feed Honey to infants under one year of age.

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