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Flavored Honey

    Lemon, Chili Pepper, Rosemary, Orange, Cinnamon and Lavender. A delightful variety of flavored or infused honeys for any purpose: chili pepper honey is great on steamed carrots, try lemon honey or orange honey on your bagel or muffin, cinnamon honey and lavender honey are unbelievable in tea and try the rosemary honey on your poultry or fresh beans. A warm and friendly gift to give or to receive. Each jar in ThistleDew Farmís line of Flavored Honey is made from light wildflower honey and natural herbs and spices. Every jar is not only beautiful in its presentation but also wonderful to taste. From garden herbs, to scintillating spices, to a citrus kick, this honey is certain to rejuvenate anything. Try any variety for a fat-free and unbelievably unique cooking endeavor. All sold in 12oz jars.

1-2 jars $10.95, 3-6 jars $10.00, 7 or more jars $9.00

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