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Kilian Conlon Memorial Page


This page is dedicated to the memory of our youngest son, Kilian who died in a motorcycle/truck accident near New Dale, WV three miles from his home on Carpenter Ridge Road in Beebe, WV.


    At an early age he was a “Beeman”, who like his father enjoyed performing & educating people about honeybees.  He went on to become a mechanic, specializing in Chevy trucks, Honda 4 wheelers and all types of motorcycles.  He was a Boy Scout and a member of the TSA program in Wetzel county schools.  He graduated from Magnolia High School in 1999.  However, his real love was welding.  He earned a 2-year scholarship to go to WVU-Parkersburg.  We received his Associate Welding degree, December 2001, awarded posthumously.  He was recognized as a Magna Cum Laude graduate.  While attending college, he worked full time as an apprentice boilermaker.  He was a member of the Local 667 Boilermakers Union.  We met many of his fellow workers and each one of them spoke highly of his skills and work ethics.  He loved welding!  Kilian had an uncanny ability to understand machines and metal.  He woke up in the morning ready to go.  Everyday was full!  He was a little concerned when he found out that his welding instructor at WVU was a woman – Tina Buchanan.  However, they developed a wonderful relationship and he spent many happy hours at WVU Parkersburg. 

Steve and I have established the Kilian Felix Conlon Memorial Scholarship Endowment – the Young Welders Fund – with the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation in memory of our son.  It will provide tuition, books, fees and transportation if necessary for students to attend WVU-Parkersburg.  Applicants should meet a majority of these criteria:  major in welding or industrial maintenance, are residents of Wetzel, Tyler or contiguous counties; are the first in their family to attend college; demonstrate financial need.   Grade point average or test scores will not be considered when awarding this scholarship.  We hope that recipients of this scholarship will also receive some of the “spark” that was so much a part of Kilian’s life.  Donations from family, friends, co-workers and members of the Boilermakers Union 667 have contributed more than $10,000.00 to make this endowment a reality this year.  Donations are still being accepted.  Call or write WVU at Parkersburg, 300 Campus Drive, Parkersburg, WV 26101 or 304-424-8340.  Interested students, please contact your guidance counselor or visit WVUP scholarship page  and look for the Kilian Felix Conlon Memorial Scholarship or email the college at

Kilian is now survived by his parents, Ellie and Steve Conlon;  three brothers, Robert E. Mackleer, Jr. of Gaithersburg, MD, Roger Michael Conlon of Beebe, WV; and Terra Toews Conlon of San Francisco, CA; many relatives, coworkers and friends. Emily Leber Conlon, Kilian's grandmother passed away August 19, 2011 at the age of 96.  She was a constant supporter of Kilian's scholarship fund.

His Maternal grandmother, Rosa Jopp Toews of Blue Bell, PA died March 23, 2003; she held him the hour of his birth and the day of his death.  Kilian was named in honor of Kilian Jopp, his great grandfather from Thulba, Germany (1866 - 1922).

His fraternal grandfather, Daniel Rupert Conlon of Gwynedd, PA died a few hours later on November 2, 2001.  Dan’s nurse, hearing of  Kilian’s death spoke of how Dan knew that Kilian would need his company.

Since the inception of this scholarship fund in Kilian's memory, more than 10 young persons have been able to go to college.

2002: Jason Wyke

2003: James Helmick III, James Greathouse II, Jesse McNeely

2004: Walker Howell

2005: Eric Smith

2006: Timothy Cronin

2007: Charles Levi

2008-2010: Morgan Morgan (Graduating with honors)

2011: Ethan Shawn Slider

2013: Ryan Beck

2014: Riley Garrett Gruetter

2015-2016: Robert Lockheart

2016: Aiden Wilkinson

2017: Jason Montgomery

In 2005 a special award was given to "Shane" Steele for his motivation and determination to succeed. 

Thank you for your support in our future.  You may call or email us for more information regarding this scholarship.

Kilian, May you forever roam the hills and hollows of your beloved West Virginia.